Best Sex Position To Conceive Baby

Although trying to conceive seems so fun and exciting for first-timers, it can be too exhausting and daunting as well. Worry no more because experts say that there is a specific sex position which could boost your chance of getting pregnant.
According to Dr. Clare Morrison, a general practitioner at MedExpress, she explained that when both of the couples are fertile along with the perfect timing, no matter what sexual position, can make a woman pregnant, given that the semen goes to the vagina.
So, if you are ready to conceive a baby, here’s a lowdown on the best sex positions which may help you get that positive pregnancy result.

Rear Entry
Let your partner take you from behind while you are kneeling, lying on your abdomen or just lying side by side. By doing so, it could possibly increase your chances of conceiving a baby according to a research which published within the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. It has been discovered that this position permits the penis to obtain the recess right at the back of the cervix. Thus, it may let the sperm to be ejaculated near to the cervix.
Performed while the woman lies on her back, a missionary position is a great option for better penetration. Good thing about it is, it promotes face to face interaction, making the moment more unforgettable and romantic. Not only that, it guarantees as well that the woman lies flat once ejaculation happens.
On the other hand, you may also try another similar position. However, this time the man support himself, letting the woman lift her hips be pushed into his penis. It can be more satisfying for girls and provides sure fire way of penetration.
Legs on shoulder
Put some twist in your missionary position. Here, the woman will hang her legs on the shoulders of her partner when they’re having sex. With that, the sperm could easily swim to the cervix.
Meanwhile, doggie style enables a man penetrates his wife/partner while she is resting on all fours. This can definitely aid in deep penetration as it give the sperm a better access to the cervix.
Coital Alignment Technique
Want something new aside from missionary? Then, coital alignment technique can do the trick. It is best recommended to help increase female orgasm (that is not a factor in getting pregnant, but could add excitement) while giving way to sperms. The female partner opens out her knees to let the lower torso of the man be fitted between. After that, rather than thrusting, the couple will rock their own pelvises together. This will still provide you the gravity-assisting impact of the famous missionary position.
Timing, timing, timing!

Of all the sex positions mentioned above, nothing beats the power of timing. Ideally, you have to do it one to two days prior to the expected ovulation, and right on the day of the ovulation.
However, if you have been trying so hard to get pregnant for the past 12 months, or if you have irregular periods, better talk to your doctor to get the best advice.

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