The Secrets To Better Marriage

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In every relationship, there is a secret lies behind happiness and contentment. Why is it that there are still married couples that never seem to lose the spark in their eyes for many years being together with their partner? How does habits of every couple impacts a marriage? Read on and find out. We’ve been seeing lots of married couples and even the famous celebrity partners staying together for years and still they act like it’s their first time. They always want to be together, chit chat for even the longest hours and they seem really contented with the relationship they have. How do these couples maintain their connection and commitment for many years? What’s their secret? Well, it’s all about their habits and successful chemistry that made them to…
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Best Sex Position To Conceive Baby

Although trying to conceive seems so fun and exciting for first-timers, it can be too exhausting and daunting as well. Worry no more because experts say that there is a specific sex position which could boost your chance of getting pregnant. According to Dr. Clare Morrison, a general practitioner at MedExpress, she explained that when both of the couples are fertile along with the perfect timing, no matter what sexual position, can make a woman pregnant, given that the semen goes to the vagina. So, if you are ready to conceive a baby, here’s a lowdown on the best sex positions which may help you get that positive pregnancy result. Rear Entry Let your partner take you from behind while you are kneeling, lying on your abdomen or just lying…
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